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This is a 3-month sacred gathering for wimyn to enliven your spirit and deepen your soul. A wealth beyond measure offered to you for $350!

Special **Limited Time** Bonus for the first 50 wimyn to join and receive lifetime community access.

(To the community forum not to future LIVE containers.)

Be one of the first 50 wimyn who choose to empower themselves and join the Sacred Soul Sanctum 3-month gathering.

A wealth to treasure for a lifetime!

Our Sanctum will be more Holy with you in it!

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    In this once in a lifetime (3) month special gathering you will recieve:

    • Lifetime access to the MorningStar Community. (first *50*)
    • 7 Sacred Ritual calls with Sister MorningStar.
    • 1x per week Sister MorningStar will answer questions from the community boards. (After first gathering Feb 14th.)
    • Community moderation and guidance from Carrie Michelle (MediaGuru.)
    • A safe space for women to ask questions and engage with one another towards bringing power back to life.
    • A Gathering of the Wimyn - The mature maidens, mothers, and crones.
    • Sacred space to nourish the soul of the global sisterhood where wimyn do their holy work for their people.
    • Preserving the ancient-wisdom ways of the Sacred Feminine.
    • For wimyn to carry their torch of truth in this world.
    • Reclaiming handiwork (knitting, crocheting, embroidering) to create a calm, confident, capable presence.
    • And soul much more...

    DATES: FEB 14TH - MAY 15TH 2024

    *When you sign up today you'll receive instant access to the MorningStar Community. Live Gatherings with Sister MorningStar will begin February 14th*

    UNDER the guidance of Sister MorningStar...

    We find sacred and encourage in our selves and our sisters the ways of instinctive knowing of inner growth and spiritual expansion, of innate community building and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and storytelling.

    • Build community.
    • Fill their cup.
    • Ready their spirit and space.
    • Holding sacred space for the sisterhood that can’t show up.
    • Show up for sisterhood and self in powerful sacred circle.

    Who is Sister MorningStar?

    "I am a keeper of story.

    I am a woodland Mystic.

    A story teller and a preserver of the Sacred Feminine.

    I was 12 years old when I started my first wimyn’s circle.

    It seemed to me that wimyn needed to get together to talk about what was going on in their lives and what was going on in their hearts.

    It seemed to me, even as a young budding female, that wimyn’s issues were important and that we often died spiritually long before our bodies died.

    I began to notice how closely the body and mind and soul were interconnected and that healing and peace and happiness came first to the spirit and left there first as well.

    That the body followed where the spirit led.

    I noticed also that wimyn in isolation were trapped, scared, sad, depressed and hopeless not so much in their outer circumstances but within.

    All that seemed to change when they could be with other wimyn and begin to talk openly..."

    What one womyn can do all wimyn can do,

    🌟 Sister MorningStar 🌟

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email Carrie Michelle (MediaGuru) at [email protected]